Repair, Stripe, Finish, 
clean & Recoat

Annual Clean and Recoat Services

An average gym floor should be recoated once a year.  This builds up a protection layer that helps preserve the court lines and artwork.  It is possible to maintain the good condition of the gym floor by recoating every two years, depending on daily maintenance and use.  At Pro Line, we use auto-scrubbers to remove marks and built-up dirt on the floor.  We then apply two coats of high quality gym finish.  If the floor has been consistently coated twice a year, or has a good build up, only one coat may be necessary.   We use Hillyard Contender Gym Finish on all of our client’s gym floors.

Sanding and Refinishing Services

Every fifteen years or so, a gym floor will need to be sanded down.  This is a great time to make any changes to court lines, main basketball layouts and artwork, bringing a fresh look to the floor.  Our graphic designer will provide drawings to help you visualize the artwork and the court layout.

Repair and Water Damage

Pro Line specializes in gym floor repairs, including board replacement and restoring water-damaged floors.  We can often return a water-damaged floor to a playable condition without replacing the entire floor.